Must-See Tourist Attractions in London

London, the UK’s capital and country, is an advanced 21st-century metropolis with remarkable history spanning back to Roman days. In its center stand the imposing Houses of Parliament, abutting the famed Big Ben clock tower. Beyond that are the world-famous London Eye, where people can watch the sun setting over the Thames, and a whole swathe of trendy and chic shopping districts. Across the Thames River from the heart of the city are the London Aquarium, home to some of the most stunning marine wildlife in the world, and Guggenheim Museum, where art lovers can visit the world’s largest and most wondrous museum. Also visit this: London Travelers The Tower Bridge is one of the world’s most famous crown jewels. It connects London to the Isle of Wight and passes beneath the Thames. The distinctive double-tiered London eye is another sight not to miss as it stands soaring above the Thames. Once this iconic bridge is open for public, you can marvel at the incredible view from ground level as well as take a spectacular boat tour down the Thames. There’s more to see and do beyond the Thames in London’s summer season, however, including the fabulous royal palace, Buckingham Palace and Sandringham House, plus the Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. The Science Museum is home to one of the largest collections of modern and ancient scientific instruments in the world. Visiting the famed” Scientist’s Walk” gives you a unique opportunity to see steam trains in action, as well as model railways and model buildings. This popular tourist attraction allows visitors to step into a completely different time and place through its recreations of historical inventions and scientific breakthroughs. On a hot summer day, take a stroll through central London and admire the sun setting over the River Thames. There are several other great attractions in London that offer a similar experience, including the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, the Millennium Dome and London Eye, plus the Millennium Wheel, Piccadilly Circus and St Paul’s Cathedral. See more: go now Buckingham Palace is among the most famous royal homes in the world, and is home to one of the most famous portraits in history – Queen Elizabeth. The official residence is located in what was known as Bucking lane, which was also known as Cheapside. Much of the land is now an open field just outside of the perimeter of the Palace itself. You’ll find some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in Europe, with its majestic cliffs and deep valleys. Visitors can explore the palace by foot or by taking a boat tour. The river Thames is where the Queen normally makes her escape when she’s away from her country for ceremonial events, such as the state opening of the Bank of England in the City, or on engagements. Another must-see tourist attraction is the London tower, or rather, its top. The tallest building in all of Europe, it is a striking reminder of the city’s history as it looms above the Thames. Built in the roaring mid-twentieth century, it stands seven stories and is home to many notable people, including the queen. The tower is open to the public and can be reached by either a cable lift or a staircase. Even though it is open to the public, it is best to visit it in the winter months, when it is less crowded. If you love the river Thames, you should definitely include the London Tower Bridge in your list of must-visit tourist attractions in London. The viewing deck is spectacular, especially at night, with its illuminated glass structure and sparkling lights reflecting off the river Thames. The tower bridge was designed to accommodate cruise ships and has two banks of stairs leading to it, allowing for easy access. It also contains an observation deck and a restaurant. You can eat a potted plant on the deck or sample London’s culinary delights on the open floor of the restaurant. On top of all that, the London Tower Bridge has a permanent underdeck light designed to illuminate the Thames at night. Check this out: view website .