Shared Office Space: The New Trend

With the increasing demand for office spaces because of the emergence of startup businesses, vacant office spaces in prime locations are becoming harder to find. Because of this trend, new office rental setups such as shared office space are becoming more popular. Among the most notable shared office is the shared office space for rent in Singapore where there is ample space for all occupants with extra space for amenities. Shared office spaces are more affordable as two or more companies rent the unit, splitting the rental cost.

Characteristics of an Excellent Shared Office

Sharing office space with other companies can be challenging, especially during peak seasons. If you are to rent a shared office space, here are the qualities you should look for:

1. Room divider – It is important to choose an office space with a sliding room divider, so your team can have privacy during confidential meetings. A room divider is also effective to minimize the noise coming from other tenants.

2. Proper room ventilation – A room with numerous people can easily heat up, causing discomfort which may distract employees. To prevent such issues, it is imperative to choose an office space with ventilation suitable for a large group of people.

3. Pantry or snack area – It is important for employees to have an area where they can eat, relax, and separate themselves from work during breaks.

4. Proper waste disposal – Sanitary maintenance is one of the most important qualities you should observe when renting a shared office space. Keeping an office with numerous occupants clean can be challenging, making it imperative to choose a shared office space with efficient and effective waste disposal management to encourage employees to maintain their hygiene. A tidy office provides a comfortable working environment that boosts employees’ happiness, morale, productivity, and creativity. A clean office also prevents conflicts with other tenants.

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